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0344 8844 850/07721 384508 / 0780747 94 95 for texts. e-mail via the Contact Form.

Below are the links to the Order Page for the different categories of Equine & Canine supplements supplied by Gravenhorse Feeds. Click the appropriate category to see what’s available. Links to the main Gravenhorse website are provided to enable you to get further information about specialist products.
Free expert nutritional advice is available from Horseheath Equine Nutrition .

1. Behaviour and Temperament Supplements

2. Breeding/Fertility Supplements

3. Coarse Mixes & Balancers AntiLamTM BodyBuilda TM , Competition, Racing & Stud, & Balancers

4. Conditioning Products

5. Digestive System Supplements

6. General Health Supplements

7. Hoof Condition Supplements

8. Joint, Bone, and Mobility Supplements

9. Neuromuscular System Supplements

10. Skin and Coat Supplements

11. Treats 12. Popular Straight Feeds

13. Dog Supplements and Feeds

14. Feed Accessories 15. Bedding

16. Main Brand Products

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