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Following the success of TurmerGold a similar product TurmerDog™  been developed to provide nutritional support for dogs prone to restricted movement & stiff joints – click here to visit the web-page

The Horseheath Range of Coarse Mixes and Supplements is suitable for almost all horses, and in particular meets the high nutritional needs of breeding, sport and show horses. The products are manufactured as far as possible with natural ingredients. By-products such as oat feed (the high-fibre husk of the oat grain, contains beta-glucan which provides nutritional support to the gut  wall & optimises gut wall health), are used to help provide balanced, economical and effective feeds, supplements and balancers. When natural alternatives are not available, synthetic vitamins etc are used to ensure optimum health and efficacy.

Expert advice – free to customers (actual and potential) – from Cambridge University trained nutritionist with over 30 years’ experience.

Prices are competitive, with quantity discounts available.

The range can provide nutritional support for horses prone to a variety of feed related problems:

  • Laminitis resulting from soluble carbohydrate overload; Loose droppings; sensitivity to girth, wind-sucking, crib-biting etc.
  • Lack of control/nervous/fractious behaviour
  • Neuro-muscular disorders for which vets recommend a diet with minimal starch & sugars & additional vitamin E
  • Ageing problems e.g.  lost teeth, reduced digestive efficiency etc. Problems such as Cushings disease which require a low starch/sugar diet
  • Weak, crumbling hooves
  • Poor condition and weight loss
  • Restricted movement and stiff/clicking joints
  • Lack of stamina, lethargy, & laziness
  • Feed intolerances, sensitivities and allergies
  • Horses salivating excessively, grinding teeth, unthriftyness, difficult to ride and handle, aggressive etc.

Horseheath products are also excellent for hunting, driving, endurance, leisure/resting and convalescing. Below are some samples of the many emails and comments from satisfied customers:



From Sarah Pickford via Facebook:

‘We started feeding our horses Gravenhorse Feed products and we haven’t looked back! They have never looked in better health, and all have just the right energy levels required. Thanks, John.’

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